A’Haran Kesh

Dictionarian of the Venge



  • Body: 1 (thin & spindly)
  • Mind: 5 (educated enunciation, cloistered youth)
  • Connection: 5 (intuitive psycher)


  • Heart: 3
  • Background: 5 (Dictionarian Archivist)


  • Weakness: Other (-1 to social rolls when dealing with folks unused to a psychers’ aura)
  • Telltale: Large book chained to wrist.


  • Psycher powers: Mask, Shield, Slam
  • The Book:
    • Type: Object
    • Telltale: The dark leather of the cover is from some unfamiliar, probably reptilian beast. The pages are strangely flexible and like to curl teasingly around hands and writing implements.
    • Need: To have new entries penned regularly.
    • Desire: Knowledge
    • Abilities: Track, Aura, Cover (Dictionary of Historical Minutia)(B), Special Damage, non-lethal (Rot) (B), Shadow (B), Travel (Teleport Between Dark Places) (B) (Abilities usable only by the Book are marked by a B.)
    • Lore: 6
    • Body: 6
    • Mind: 7
    • Power: 7


Kesh’s sister Armina has arrived in town and has already got both herself and her brother in trouble by stealing a rare artifact and hiding it in Kesh’s room at the local inn. It, of course, was just found because the town Enforcers followed her poorly-concealed trail there. Kesh was not in at the time, but walking in on the event is clearly disconcerting.


“Priest”/Devotee seeking out leads and secrets of the Unknown Ones, bound to inscribe knowledge in the book he carries chained to his wrist daily (without continual feeding of data, it will instead feed on his memories and personality, leaving nothing but a husk). Socially recognized as  a Dictionarian and accorded at least a modicum of respect in most communities and typically considered “not there” for private events; his status as Archivist provides an almost mystic (and probably psy-enhanced) “I’m not here” field strengthened by social taboos about recognizing his sort if they seem to be notionally trying not to be seen. Sometimes works a little too well. Also, clearly the socially adept member of the group.

A’Haran Kesh

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