Armina Kesh

A'Haran's younger sister, possessed of certain romantic beliefs in heroism.


Remarkably capable, but not earth-shakingly so.


As a little girl, Armina read a great deal, and she loved the bold tales of heroism, bravery, and adventure. That would not be terribly unusual in all the eons of the world, except that little Armina became a believer in these things – in the “dangerous cultist” sense of the word.

Like billions of other children who’ve thrilled to escapist literature, Armina “realized” that she herself was called (by…nothing in particular) be a hero – and must train to become one. Unlike most children seized by this idea, she did train. Hiking, camping, climbing, boxing, fencing, shooting, burglary, gymnastics, ballet (her parents ganged up to convince her that it would give her greater control and flexibility in a crisis) and legerdemain. Languages. Questionable contacts. Archaeology.

Her extended family hoped she’d grow out of this at some point, become a graceful, lovely young businesswoman and socialite, and even one day take the reins of the family business from her mother. Instead, they got a girl who spent nights not studying or even partying, but studying ancient lore and, ah, exploring the private holdings of various individuals in order to come into possession of items she would explain were “too dangerous to possess!” or else “too important not to belong to everyone!”. Instead of keeping to proper social circles, she was occasionally brought home by the gendarmery for assaulting those she claimed were “preying upon the innocent”; that she was reasonably accurate in these violent determinations kept her out of the city stockades rather less than the stature of her family.

If she weren’t so damned earnest and steadfastly loyal to the family, maybe they could disown her. As it is, they’ve sent her traveling on a stipend, hoping that the fallout she brings down in distant lands won’t make it back to them.

Armina Kesh

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