Aydian Demalia

Retired member of the Lavender Rangers from far-off D'oro Ventosa



  • Body: 5 – Training regimen, Cybernetic enhancement
    Usually penalized, and the second descriptor only applies when drunk
  • Mind: 3 – Well-read
  • Connection: 2 – Limited cybernetics


  • Heart: 5
  • Background: 5 – Former Lavender Ranger


  • Weakness: -2 to Body rolls due to faulty cybernetics. Drinking counteracts this problem by trading off the penalty 1:1 for a Mind penalty due to drunkenness.
  • Telltale: Left arm in a makeshift sling (unless liquored up enough to work, then large container of booze hanging by right hip)


  • Cybernetics (as Bound Entity)
    • Type: Parasite
    • Telltale: Obviously expensive, drool-worthy high-quality cybereye
    • Abilities: Boost (Body), Fast, Perception
    • Connection: 3
    • Body: 6
    • Will: 7
    • Power: 7


  • Guns: twin badass multi-function pistols (armor piercing, anti-person, etc.)
    Damage: 2x next action, 1x lasting
  • Body Armor: comfortable, concealable torso armor (converts Edged or Projectile damage to Fists)


D’oro Ventosa has gotten into a trade war, and their currency has been sanctioned – meaning that Aydian’s nice retirement account is completely unaccessible (as is any money from the rich countryman who paid for his cybernetics), and that he only has the money he cashed out to local currency this morning. (This is a couple of hundred dollars in contemporary terms.)

  • Saved someone psuedo-important and lost an arm, a leg below the knee and use of an eye (perhaps another body-part TBD) – which were replaced by glitchy cybernetics, which were paid for by said individual. They work either very minimally, or in the case of the arm – not at all. They do however work better than operating standards while Aydian is intoxicated – which lead to his forced retirement but not replacement of the gear.
  • Uses two guns, about the size of these – http://wearemoviegeeks.com/wp-content/animania_blacklagoon3.jpg that are well designed and have various modes of fire including Armor piercing, small entrance explosive exit, burst and standard fire. Perhaps interchangeable barrels?
  • Also carries a shotgun of sorts under his trench coat / robes
  • Has medium grade body armor.
  • D’oro Ventosa is effectively as far from the main city as Seattle Washington and Mexico City are from each other. Best reached by boat.
  • Is on good terms with the Rangers.
  • Can call in a favor from the guy he saved, if needed.
  • Not well known, but not a nobody either – people seem to like the guy if they know of him and his exploits.
  • Aydian Demalia

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