Gesine Razavi

  • Body – 3 (active lifestyle)
  • Mind – 7 (unconventional thinker; obsessive)
  • Connection – 1 (no bonus package)
  • Heart – 5
  • Background – 7 (Radical Biotechnician)
  • Weakness – agoraphobia (-1 to rolls in crowds of strangers)
  • Telltale – When in public, Gesine almost exclusively wears partial or complete military uniforms that have never (in known history) existed unless discretion calls for something more blend-y.
  • Husband – Hayf, a cybernetic artisan she saved from a robot street-gang. Once their partnership shifted from the platonic, she re-engineered his coppery metal body into a rather convincing android form. Besides being a devoted and protective husband, he’s become her personal tailor and technician.
    • Type: Passer
    • Telltale: He looks utterly human in motion, but at rest does not so much as fidget, blink, or breathe, giving him the look of a fantastically detailed mannequin.
    • Need: Attention from Gesine.
    • Desire: Curiosity
    • Abilities:
      • Durable body, an integrated nanite swarm that enhances his ability to manipulate materials and forms, a few centuries of experience with working a variety of materials, and the ability to override and order around small maintenance/cleaning robots that roam around civilized places.
      • Armor, Warp, Cover(Artisan), Command (small maintenance bots) [All usable only by Hayf]
    • Connection: 4
    • Body: 4
    • Mind: 6
    • Power: 6

Gesine (geh-szee-na)
Razavi (ra-zah-vee)

Gesine is a bio-mechanic and sort of chemist whose great goals are as follows: 1. complete the biological additions to enable her robot husband to bear children and 2. make a great medical discovery of her time. These ambitions have, so far, led to making a silky, self-warming outer skin for her husband and a blood purifier that’s only good as a universal cleaner (the painters’ guild loves the stuff).

Her compulsion to know things and help out her fellow scientists on their endeavors have caused her to go down strange and illegal roads, so it’s a good thing she’s a moral nihilist. Her particular set of beliefs is most evidenced by a calculating willingness to let stupidity have fatal consequences, even at inconvenient times.


Gesine Razavi

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